The Defender: Pipe / Engine Guard


Since 2017, all KTM & Husqvarna 2T models have a redesigned pipe with improved impact resistance. In some respects, this is a good feature, but on the other hand, it creates a new potential problem.


When impacted, the new design will keep the pipe from getting dented, but the impact force will be transferred to the exhaust flange resulting in -a cracked flange- and immediate loss of engine compression (ie: huge power loss).


We have developed what we feel is the best pipe/engine guard currently available in the market. We have named it THE DEFENDER.


THE DEFENDER'S unique structural design features multiple attachment points onto the dirt bike's frame. This will prevent the pipe/engine guard to collapse upon impact and avoid pipe contact -and flange damage-. 


Most other offerings in the market don't have as many structural attachment points to the frame and just leave unsupported "protection" surfaces just floating over the engine pipe. Note that any protection that will collapse under impact and contact the pipe constitutes no real protection against pipe/flange damage.


Install THE DEFENDER on your bike and forget about ever hurting your pipe/flange again. Just focus on riding hard...we've got you covered!

KTM 2017 - 2019 Pipe/Engine Guard

$320.00 Regular Price
$189.00Sale Price
  • - Integrated pipe/engine protection.

    - Lower, frontal and side impact forces are contained through a unique and strong structural layout.

    - No more POTENTIAL compression loss DUE TO PIPE FLANGE DAMAGE.

    - Unmatched collapse resistance.

    - Broadest pipe surface coverage area against impacts.

    - Rounded head STAINLESS STEEL Allen fasteners.

    - All seams TIG welded on both sides for extra strenght and durability.

    - It will keep you from buying a new pipe due to damage USD200.00-USD400.00+.

    - It will keep you from buying a new flange due to damage USD150.00+.

    - It will keep you from having to blow your dirt bike's pipe to correct the position and dents after impacts USD100.00+.

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