KTM Front Lift Strap


Engineered to offer the rider a rugged and efficient accessory to pull out the dirt bike when stuck in between rocks, loose sand, fesh-fesh or any other terrain. With the FRONT LIFT STRAP you’ll be able to rapidly pull out the dirt bike and get back on track.


Our proprietary design eliminates the hassle of having to take apart the whole front suspension for installation. The lift strap is firmly secured to the dirt bike’s front fork with 2 zinc plated steel tabs and bolted through. Additionally, two zip ties have been added per side to ensure correct placement.


KTM Rear Lift Strap


As Enduro riders, once the dirt bike gets out of track, returning it into riding position might prove to be a difficult task and can result in a loss of valuable time. It demands significant effort and creates a situation where an error can lead to a major failure.


Our proprietary lift strap design firmly fastens it using the existing seat bolts, making installation a breeze. This locates the lift strap on the dirt bike at a better spot, providing superior mechanical leverage to the rider while pulling the dirt bike back on track.

KTM Lift Strap Kit

  • Front Lift Strap


    - Lightweight & built to endure.
    - Easy & FAST installation.
    - Installation doesn’t require disassembly of any major parts of the dirt bike.
    - 100% nylon.


    Rear Lift Strap


    - Lightweight & built to endure.
    - Easy & FAST installation.
    - 100% nylon.

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